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Posted on: January 4th, 2016 by mobilear

Extra Advantages of Implementing a Hearing Conservation Program

Aside from the obvious benefits of protecting employees’ hearing, did you know that hearing conservation programs also provide added health bonuses for employees? Believe it or not, the use of hearing protection devices (HPDs) has also been found to improve employees’ physical health, decrease workplace accidents and reduce absenteeism!

extra-advantages-of-hpds-1According to research conducted in various industrial environments, these “extra-auditory” benefits have been well documented. According to research conducted by Jansen in his 1961 study, Adverse Effects of Noise on Iron and Steel Workers, he examined the health records of 1,005 iron and steel workers in “very noisy” and “less noisy” environments. In the “very noisy” group, he discovered a 5% to 15% higher occurrence of peripheral circulation problems, heart problems and equilibrium disturbance.

Cohen, in his 1976 study, The Influence of a Company Hearing Conservation Program on Extra-Auditory Problems in Workers, compared the pre-HPD program statistics of job injuries, medical problems and absences to those of the post-HPD program.  Studying the data of 434 boiler plant employees who were exposed to high noise levels both before and after the HPD program was implemented, he found there were fewer job injuries and medical issues, and reduced absenteeism.
extra-advantages-of-hpds-2Comparing the injury data of the pre- and post-HPD implementation, Cohen found the use of HPDs actually reduced the number of workplace mishaps. He noted, “This appears to counter the notion that wearing HPDs could increase the likelihood of accidents by attenuating not only noise, but also the audibility of sound signals depicting danger.”

As you can see, hearing protection devices can provide employees with extra benefits including:

  • Reducing the incidence of workplace injuries;
  • Improving overall physical health;
  • Decreased absenteeism.

It makes sense to implement a hearing protection program for your employees to reap these extra benefits.

Images courtesy of Honeywell Inc.

1Jansen, G. (1961), Adverse Effects of Noise on Iron and Steel Workers.