Experts in Hearing Conservation

Founded in 1984, Mobilear was founded with a clear vision: to provide cost-effective, OSHA-mandated hearing testing services. Since our inception, we’ve expanded our services to include educating, training and testing noise-exposed employees in a wide variety of industries including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, music and transportation. Mobilear believes in hearing education and protection for all–not just those individuals under OSHA compliance scrutiny.

Affiliated with the National Hearing Conservation Association, Mobilear is current on the latest advancements in hearing conservation. In addition, our staff is well versed in all of the standards and regulations necessary to meet OSHA compliance. Hearing loss, which is increasingly prevalent in our modern industrial work environments, can be avoided. Mobilear prides itself on ensuring that its clients know how to achieve the safest work environments possible.

Free Consultation with a Chicago Hearing Testing Company

Contact Mobilear today regarding hearing testing, mobile hearing tests, OSHA compliance or industrial hearing testing at (630) 241-0990 or szurales@mobileartesting.com , 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.